Low Vision and Blindness Accessibility in Hospitals

Holly, our lead low vision technician, and also a patient with Stargardt Disease, was invited along with another individual with low vision to evaluate low vision and blindness accessibility in our new local hospital.  See her comments below.

Holly and another individual with low vision in our local hospital

“I was invited to join a patient for a walk-through of IU Hospital in Bloomington. The purpose of this walk-through was to help answer questions and provide insight regarding some of the struggles a person who is partially-sighted might experience in an unfamiliar environment. Hospitals, along with other large buildings, can induce a lot of anxiety for many reasons, and having low vision is one that is easily overlooked. I love when people ask me questions about my low vision because it’s an opportunity for others to gain understanding about the obstacles that come with the territory. This sweet patient was so helpful and gave a first-hand look at what she experiences in her day-to-day life. Big thanks to IU Hospital for inviting me to share my insight!”