Meet Mary!

Mary has “rod achromatopsia.”  This is a condition you are born with characterized by a partial or total absence of color vision.  It also involves other problems with vision, like increased sensitivity to light and glare, involuntary back-and-forth eye movements (nystagmus), and significantly reduced sharpness of vision.

Mary at work with her glasses and low vision aids.

Mary was sent to Dr. Long through Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services to meet some vision-related goals.  After a thorough low vision evaluation, Dr. Long prescribed several low vision aids. Mary uses bioptic telescopic glasses, prismatic reading glasses, a “Ruby” electronic magnifier, and specially-tinted regular glasses and sunglasses. All of these devices help Mary work, read, and participate in her favorite activities. 

Mary had this to say about her experience with Midwest Low Vision:  

“My association with the low vision department at Long Family Eye Care has always been a positive and helpful experience.  My most recent visits introduced me to visual aids and glasses that enable me to function at the highest level possible with my visual impairment.  The extra time Dr. Jarrod Long and Casey spent with me was informative, kind, and life-changing.  Without question, the most current information and low vision assistance available.”

Thanks Mary! 

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