Age, weather, level of vision, and other things to be mindful of…

It’s -9 degrees Fahrenheit (never mind the wind chill) and my sweet 107 year old patient had no problem beating me to the office this morning for low vision care

Often times when I speak with with family and caregivers of my potential patients I hear things like “but mom is 83 years old”. Or, “dad won’t want to make a trip that far to see you”. They often say “her vision is really, really poor,” or “he can’t spend that money,” or “[fill in the box].”

One of my roles as a low vision specialist is to see through all of that. I approach each case without bias or discrimination to get down to what really matters. My goal is to help my patients, or potential patients, understand that there is hope and possibility. No matter the circumstances, there may be a way that they can see to do what they want to be able to do!

I have patients of all ages from around the world. Some have levels of vision from 20/20 while others are well-beyond the “big E” on the eye chart. Simple magnifiers and special, custom tints can make big differences. So can more complex solutions like telescopic glasses with focusing caps or video/electronic devices.

Simply make the call to our office. I will talk with you directly to get specific, helpful information and see if it makes sense to schedule an appointment. It almost always does! We will go over important details such as costs, location, and what to bring to the appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you, Dr. Long.