Meet Jacob! Albinism and Low Vision.

Jacob wearing his bioptic glasses and holding his Ruby video magnifier

Jacob is a high school senior who has an oculocutaneous form of Albinism and associated Amblyopia (more commonly known as a “lazy eye”). He was referred to our office through Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services.  Oculocutaneous albinism and ocular albinism are conditions which both create a condition from birth which leaves the central retina, or macula, underdeveloped.

While Jacob has been able to adapt to his level of vision, Dr. Long prescribed a 4x magnifying Bioptic telescope for Jacob to use for distance details such as driving, seeing faces, or seeing the board at school. He also prescribed a handheld electronic magnifier along with a dome magnifier to help him with reading and schoolwork.

Jacob plans to go on to college and wants to be a music teacher. He feels like his “new technology will help [him] through life” and will give him the ability to impact others in positive ways.

Dr. Long has helped hundreds of patients with various forms of albinism to see better with specialized low vision care.

Jacob is on his way to get specialized training to drive with bioptics!

Jacob wearing his bioptic glasses.