Dr. Long Sees Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

prism glasses
Sectoral Prism Glasses to help with Visual Field Loss from Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)


  • I have accidentally become a neuro-optometrist.  Patients with TBI and other neurological deficits often have low vision…so I see them regularly.
  • Beyond the usual functional vision goals due to decreased visual acuity, these patients need help with various vision and other related symptoms.
  • TBI symptoms can include blurred vision, headaches, photophobia, reading difficulties, eyestrain, diplopia, eye movement disorders, visual field defects, color vision changes, impaired contrast sensitivity, perceptual difficulties, and vestibular dysfunctions such as visual motion sensitivity (VMS).


  • My Top 5 TBI Treatments:
    • Filters, Light Control
    • Prism, for Alignment/Binocularity, as well as Sectoral, Yoked, and Base-In
    • Increased Plus Power for Near
    • Selective Occlusion
    • Vision and Occupational Therapy Referral

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