Your Trusted Low Vision Specialist: Serving Bloomington, Clarksville, and Evansville, Indiana.

map showing the areas that Midwest Low Vision covers, primarily southern Indiana
Dr. Long’s current primary area of coverage.

Hello to our dedicated patients and esteemed referring physicians,

At Midwest Low Vision, our commitment has always been to ensure specialized eye care reaches as many individuals with low vision as possible. While our mainstay is in Bloomington, Indiana, it’s important to highlight and remind our community that for years, Dr. Jarrod Long has been serving the wonderful people of Clarksville and Evansville, Indiana and surrounding communities.

Our consistent presence in these locations underlines our commitment to making expert care accessible. We understand that not everyone may be aware of our reach in Clarksville and Evansville, and we want to ensure that everyone, especially potential patients and referring doctors, is informed.

Dr. Jarrod Long’s approach at Midwest Low Vision entails using specialized tools and techniques to assess remaining vision and craft personalized solutions like telescopic and microscopic glasses designed to counter conditions such as macular degeneration. Our recommendations might also encompass non-optical aids, always aiming to enhance our patients’ quality of life no matter the extent of their vision loss.

To our respected referring optometrists, ophthalmologists, and others, if you have patients in these regions who could benefit from specialized vision care, please remember that we are conveniently located in all three areas.

Thank you for your enduring trust in us. For further insights into our work and care, feel free to explore our YouTube channel and other social media outlets. And as always, contact Holly or Dr. Long directly at 877-577-2040.

To clearer visions and lasting bonds!

Warm regards,

The Midwest Low Vision Team